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Wild news

Earn Money for implementing our Holograms in Your Location.

A large amount of Wild News devices will be placed in various shops and businesses around cities (cafés, bars, stores, restaurants etc.), and we are constantly looking for new locations.

You have the possibility to apply for the installation of one or more Wild News devices in your store, providing you with an alternative opportunity to increase your revenues. You could earn up to several thousands of dollars per month.

To learn more, about the revenues, terms and conditions, please click on “learn more”.

The Avantages

- Increase your incomes

Increase your income up to several thousand dollars per month. The more devices you have in your store, the more you will earn.

- Get your own ad on your device(s)

On each device installed in your store, a daily broadcast time is dedicated to your own visuals.

- Reinvigorate your place

Thanks to the innovative and eye-catching holographic technology, your store will be reinvigorated. In addition, you will benefit from much better visibility to customers in the streets.

Become a distributor

Becoming a Wild News distributor is reserved to a certain category of companies. From contracting and setup, to marketing and customer conversion, we create all the necessary deliverables to help you hit the ground running.

Our team will assist in the creation of co-branded assets, call tracking, and monthly reporting to ensure a long-standing relationship.

Location +

When you are a distributor and a place. This means that you meet all the requirements to obtain this status. So you have the possibility to request the installation of one or more Wild News devices in your store, and moreover become a Wild News distributor.

This status is an exceptional opportunity to increase your revenues, up to several thousands of dollars per month.

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