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Holographic technology is not a gimmick, it is much more. According to several studies holograms attract up to 10 times more attention.

Wild News offers a real advantage because your content will be measurably more watched. The audience you reach will be larger than the one reached by traditional means of communication.

Why choose Wild News ?

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In just a few clicks, broadcast your content in the world's largest cities. And quickly develop your TV channel and brand awareness.


Simplicity of access to the biggest cities through our platform. You can make your channel known with our user freindly media tools.

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content alone

No more waiting to see your advertisements being deployed in streets of your city. With our platform transmit your content autonomously, in just a few clicks.

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Almost all diffusing budgets are compatible with the Wild News Platform. Set a monthly budget cap and never exceed it. You can also put your spending on hold or adjust it at any time.

Adjust your budget at any time



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Take advantage of a revolutionary new delivery channel. Allowing you to easily deliver content to the streets for unbeatable value. All this with the help of our brand-new holographic communication solutions.

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