Wild News Announces Launch Party in Collaboration with Tesla

Wild News, the start-up at the forefront in the deployment of a new 3D communication model, is announcing its exclusive launch party on the 28th of April in Geneva.

Gathering financial and local influencers in the Tesla premises, this event echoes the importance of Wild News in this new transition. Materializing the “StepOut” through street communication. The innovative approach of Wild News drawn investors, allowing the forthcoming launch.

Wild News bases itself on a sedulous comprehension of communication. Through the evaluation of the problems faced when communicating with populations Wild News goes beyond the 3D innovation, solving the problems of delays, format and perception of the information.

It’s through this very approach that the Americano-Swiss start-up will strive. The start-up relies on simplicity and comprehension, through the abolishment of technological barriers Wild News aims towards the unification of global communication. Connecting the projected visuals to an online platform, enabling an instantaneous 3D diffusion on its devices. Thereafter, Wild News is taking the role of pioneer in this new transition. Targeting visceral points and enabling companies to create and diffuse their
content in 3D makes the firm inherent to the first steps between the virtual and the real.

Wild News is very proud to announce its launch and thankful to its team without which it wouldn’t have been possible. Wild News being “first a human experience”.

“The cohesion within a team, the ability to exploit the full potential of each member and the framing of a team of passionate professionals is key to our success” Jason Pivron, CEO.

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