Wild News developed its own 3D studio accessible online

Wild News is launching an online 3D studio with its platform on the 28th of April. The studio will allow companies to create 3D content by uploading an image on the platform.

While only simple content can be created, the platform works swiftly and is perfect for the animation of a logo. This smart platform is the easiest way for users to create 3D content from static images. Therefore, companies in search of a simple animation can instantly generate content on this platform that is directly linked to their Wild News account.

The development of this platform is yet another way for Wild News to make holographic technology more accessible and efficient. Wild News accelerates the process, the main platform permitting the instant management of the diffusion and the linked 3D studio of the content.

Wild News makes hologram technology more accessible, giving the tools for curators at all levels to communicate in a new and efficient way. Taking in consideration the problems of delays, formats and audiences. It’s through a sedulous approach to details that the start-up manages to boost the street marketing process. Allowing the implementation of this new transition to take place across all marketing agencies.

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