Wild News Announces Platform Launch

Wild News cuts communication boundaries through its centralized platform. Agencies can now transfer their design directly on to holograms across cities. Following the 3D communication start-up launch party in collaboration with Tesla on the 28th of April. The platform will go online, allowing media agencies to take control of Wild News’ holograms. This technology allows … Read more

Wild News Announces Launch Party in Collaboration with Tesla

Wild News, the start-up at the forefront in the deployment of a new 3D communication model, is announcing its exclusive launch party on the 28th of April in Geneva. Gathering financial and local influencers in the Tesla premises, this event echoes the importance of Wild News in this new transition. Materializing the “StepOut” through street … Read more

Return On Investment

Return on Marketing Investment is the difference between the direct marketing spent or invested by a firm, and the profit attributed to that marketing. ROMI is different from the other common ‘profit-at-risk’ metrics used in business. In marketing ROI analysis, the term ‘risk’ is considered a very ambiguous term, since there is no guarantee that … Read more

Billboard Advertising

Billboard advertising is one of the best methods of reaching a larger number of prospective customers than other advertising forms. A billboard is basically an outdoor advertising building, usually located in high-traffic places like beside busy highways or along busy roads. Billboards offer big and appealing advertisements to passing motorists and pedestrians. It is also … Read more

Holographic Ads

What is a Hologram? A holographic display is an object that uses holographic projection to project an image to a specific area such as a television screen, or a wall or even a mirror. A hologram is essentially a computer generated image of a diffraction pattern that uses diffraction in order to create an image … Read more